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Polishing images to shine!


Do you have cherished photos that have not aged well or need refreshing? Did you capture the perfect pose but something is just a little off or the image needs refinement? Rome Taylor offers retouching services to "polish" up your existing digital files. We don't intend on making images look fake or too perfect, but there are those instances where perhaps your hair was in your face, a car was in the background or something else just bothers you. Some instances where a little "polishing" can be done are as follows: 

• restoring aged images ( removing crease marks, tears, age spots)

• ridding the background of miscellaneous & distracting objects

• skincare cleanup (subduing wrinkles, blemish removal )

• shiny faces, under-eye bags, skin-tone hue

• adding  Rome Taylor signature editing

"Polishing" Prices are based off of difficulty and number of images needing attention. Submit your message below to obtain a quote. Please include your requests and at least one digital file for reference. 

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