Tokie (Rome) Taylor 

Artist | Photographer | Teacher | Wife | Mom

The Taylor Journey 

"I am a laid back, artistic perfectionistic,  mom of five and a teacher to many. I love children and creating so being an art teacher was a natural fit. I have been an artist for over 18 years and photography is my medium of choice. I love creating what can truly be considered artwork and can hang in your home, art gallery or museum.

    As a working artist, so frequently I have heard gallery guests say that while they love the work, they can't decide which artwork to display in their home. That really struck a chord with me and I decided that the portraits I would create would be fine art worthy, because there is no better work of art created in this world than the masterpiece that is you. The artwork that I  create can be a conceptual composites of various images and textures that enhances your visual journey or it can be a styled shoot. My success as an artist  is measured by making you and those that see your portrait,  feel an emotional connection to the work. To stare and pondered,  to study the work and look for hidden elements, to guess at the story behind the portrait. That is the joy for me in creating portraits.

I am passionate about storytelling and fine art portraiture and I would love to tell your unique story, transforming it into your own solo show, fit for a gallery in your home or a museum.  I look forward to talking to you about the vision I can create for you!---Tokie"


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