Photographic  Fine Art

What's Your Story?

When was the last time you had professional images taken of you? Have you poured all of your time into your career, family, taking care of everyone...but maybe not yourself?  Are you always capturing those precious moments .....but your not in any of them? When was the last time you truly  focused on celebrating  yourself? 

Let me make you the center of attention like you deserve!

What about those major moments that deserve to be celebrated with a truly different experience? Have your children's interest changed over time and you can't remember what they were once so passionate about? Are you tired of the cake and ice cream celebration of a birthday? Is going out to eat to celebrate not quite what you had in mind for that big accomplishment? Are you and your friends desiring an adventure close to home? Well, the epiphany for me, in my life as an artist, was  realizing that experiences were far more valuable to me than celebrating the traditional way. I think that a lot of people feel the same way so I set out to create  EXPERIENCE photoshoots  that could last not just in the moment, but for generations. That's how Rome Taylor Made Photography evolved!


What's Your Legacy?

 Have your children's interest changed over time and you just can't remember what they were once so passionate about? Do you wish you could freeze time just for a little while so that you could keep them as they are right now? Are your children your pride and joy and you want to give them an experience that  will make them feel confident, empowered,  and beautiful, as the completely unique individuals they are? 

Create images that show them and the world how magical they truly are!

My Story....

Are all of your images on social media and none on your walls or displayed in your home?

I'm Tokie Taylor and I was you! I'm an artist and mom of four. After having my children I focused on my family and as the kids grew, like many moms, I photographed all of those magical moments that would never happen again. I am raising my children to be strong confident individuals who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.  I found my way back to my art by creating photographs and transforming them into printed works of art. Photography is  my balance, fulfilling my artistic soul and the focus in my photography is to create YOUR STORY to display in your home for you, your family, and future generations. 

What People Are Saying....

She has awesome vision and creates an entire experience. She is personable and works with you! My daughter did not want to leave her studio! We will definitely be returning! I give her all of the stars!

 Chatee Omisade Richardson


Tokie did this beautiful job of not only making me feel comfortable in my skin, but also pushing me just enough past my "comfort zone" to empower my relationship with what I hoped to capture. The finished products are magical and I couldn't have asked for a better experience or better results. I'm excited to work with her again.

 Sara Marshall Neal

My Rome Taylor Made Photography experience was truly memorable. Not only was Tokie able to bring my vision to light, she also photographed us in a way that did not feel intrusive or forced. My babies and husband were completely comfortable because of her patience and subtle direction. In the end, we experienced one problem though--- having too many good shots. Without a doubt, I’d recommend Tokie to shoot any and all events. 

  Alynda Kirksey Haitch

My promise to you...
Whether it's a photoshoot that focuses on celebrating just you, a fun time with your best friend, a different dating experience with your mate, or empowering your child or children to see themselves as wonderful unique individuals that are true works of art, I am here to listen to exactly what you want in you photoshoot and create an experience that is one of a kind. None of my photoshoots are the same because they are Taylor-made just for you. What are your dreams? Your mates'? What are your children's? How can I help you capture them so that as you and your loved ones grow and evolve, the moments will be there for all of you to revel in.  The life you have worked so hard to create IS a masterpiece.....  you deserve  to have art on your walls that reflects you, the love you share and your legacy.  ---Tokie Taylor